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The Difference Is In The Delivery!
• Minimum Feed Separation
Feed glides through the delivery system, virtually eliminating broken pellets and fines.
• Simple Design!
Requires minimum electrical controls and micro switches. Save on operational costs and permits easy maintenance.
• Open Tube Construction!
Plastic snap-on covers allow fast and easy inspection of the system.
The ultimate way to feed fish!
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Tested and proven for over 35 years in the agricultural field. Cablevey Feeding Systems has adapted its unique, patented overhead feeding system for aquaculture. The result is a product you can count on for reliability, high performance, minimum upkeep and greater profits.
Fish Farm
The key is simplicity!
The beauty and reliability of the Cablevey feeding system is its simplicity of design. The feed moves from a bulk bin, through a galvanized steel tube, by means of parallel plastic discs molded to a flexible, continuous steel aircraft cable. The cable is pulled through the tubing by an electric, power drive unit with an automatic tensioning device. Unlike auger-type systems which tend to "grind" the feed, the Cablevey system delivers clean, whole pellets to the fish with a minimum level of fines. Feed is discharged from the tubing at desired locations through custom-cut openings. Feed-drop devices, in a variety of available styles are installed on the tube under each opening. And since the Cablevey system moves the feed through a continuous loop, rather than a path that "dead ends," the system remains charged with feed at all times. It is ALWAYS ready for the next scheduled feeding.
Quiet and efficient operation!  
The drive unit is powered with just a 1/2 or 1 HP motor, depending on the length of the system and number of corners. The system can be activated manually or can be made fully automatic with an optional electric timer.
Perfect for virtually every operation!  
The flexibility of the cable enables the system to go around 90 degree corners or in most any desired configuration. So whether you tank feed, pond feed, or operate a hatchery, a low-cost Cablevey feed transport system can be customized to fit your specific needs!
Motorized Receiving Hopper
Unique design allows for accurate adjustment of feed flow. Motorized feed roller is designed to keep feed from bridging while moving the feed from the bulk bin into the tubing.
motorized receiving hopper
Fines Removal Filter Fines Removal Filter
Extremely simple plastic drop with stainless steel screen removes unwanted fines from the feed while being transported to the feed drop. The gentle feed handling characteristics of the Cablevey system also minimizes creation of additional fines beyond the Fines Removal Filter.
90 Degree Corners
Provide versatility and flexibility in designing your feed delivery system. Corners offer capability of making a complete return with as little as 24" between down and back lines, requiring only single supports for both lines
90 Degree Corners
Feed Drops Feed Drops
Deposit feed where you want it! Various sizes of economical weigh drops or volumetric drops are available to accurately meter your feeding requirements.
Compact Drive Unit
Reliable and simple design! Pulls the cable and discs through the tube to transport the feed. A single 1 HP unit can pull up to a 1000' circuit with as many as eight corners, eliminating costly supplemental power heads. Incorporates an automatic take-up to adjust cable tension and a safety cut-off switch to avoid damage to the feeder.
Compact Drive Unit

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