Cablevey AG

"For the last few years I have had 40 day birds that have weighed an average of 4.10 lbs and now Tyson are wanting smaller birds, which will be 35 day birds. Love Cablevey!"

Tim Clark of Pinnola, MS on 7-11-08


breed•er - a female chicken cultivated for optimum and improved output of baby chicks. Often produced for maturation at 25-30 weeks.

Cablevey feeding systems and pans are designed to deliver feed to help you cultivate healthy breeders for peak production throughout their lives:
Even feed ingredient distribution
With a charged feed line - there's feed in every pan when the system starts
Elimination of migration
Adequate feed space so all birds eat at the same time


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"I have a Cablevey system for both male and female feeders and have been using it for 17 years. I have never had to replace cable. The last flock of birds was grown for Tyson. The hatch was at 93% which made for the best hatch ever for Tyson in the area. I now have another flock that is ready to go. There are 22 flocks ready and my flock will finish #4."

Harry Fryar of Oden, AR on 7-10-08