System Benefits

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  1. Even feed ingredient distribution
  2. With a charged feed line - there's feed in every pan when the system starts;
  3. Elimination of migration;
  4. Adequate feed space so all birds eat at the same time
  5. High-speed feed delivery
  6. Virtually no feed separation
  7. Improves production and hatchability

Advantages of CABLEVEY Pan Feeding System vs. Auger system:

  1. Fresh Feed in the pan every hour= a heavier bird on less feed.
    With our system the pan is almostempty every time the system runs. This gives you a fresh pan of feed every hour. The effect from this is that you will see more birds eating each time our system runs, which means the birds eat less more times per day -- resulting in better feedutilization, which gives you a heavier bird on less feed.

  2. Quality of Feed in each pan= uniform birds.
    With our system we use open tubing with holddowns positioned every 4 feet. This keeps the feed moving instead of rolling back and breaking or separating. This is why with the CABLEVEY system you will get the same Quality of Feed in each pan which will give you uniform birds.
    With an auger system you are using completely closed tube and screwing it to the end of the house. With this type of setup you will have twice as many fines with this system if you are using pellets, or you will have 3% or greater feed separation from the beginning of the system to the end if you are using meal feed. This is why with the CABLEVEY system you will get the same Quality of Feed in each pan which will give you

  3. Bird-Friendly Pan Design= quick access to food, less bacteria build-up, fresher feed.
    Our pan is designed to put feed to the outside edge of the pan. At the outside edge of the pan we have made a small trough which allows the feed to be deeper in this area, because from our experience we know that birds like to eat where the feed is deepest.

    Our pan is also a shallow pan. This has three advantages:
    1. it allows the birds to eat from pans immediately after being placed in the house which is important to get them on the pan as quickly as possible.
    2. by being a shallow pan it only holds about 3/4 pound of feed. With this amount of feed we can feed every hour.
    3. With our pan the birds are not in the pan after 15 days of age, which protects chick population

    Other pans are designed for the feed to stay to the center. This causes the birds to always be pushing on the pan to get the fresh feed in the center, which results in deformed breast, bruises, and leg problems.

    Other pans that are on the market today are also much deeper than our pan. This does not allow many baby chicks to enter the pans until they are 2 or 3 days old -- resulting in more labor for the farmer to fill feed lids by hand. At 3 weeks to 4 weeks of age, it causes just the reverse effect. The pan is too deep for the birds to be comfortable eating from the outside so they all get in the pans and some get stuck and die.

    Also the depth of their pan causes it to hold too much feed. This causes the birds to eat from the center where the feed is fresh, thus leaving all the fines and the stale feed in the pan. This is a great place for mold and bacteria to build.


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