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Cablevey Feeding System offers two types of tube for Broilers/Breeders:

  1. 12-ft. (3.658M) tube with 5 pans per tube. The pans are 28.8-inches (73.15cm) from center to center.
  2. 20-ft. (6.096M) tube with 9 pans per tube. The pans are 26.6-inches (67.564cm) center to center.

Number of birds per feed pan:
  • 1 week to 18 weeks = 16 birds per pan.
  • 18 weeks to 23 weeks = 16 birds per pan, but now are trying to get the males to eat from the male feeder.
  • 23 weeks to 65 weeks = 12 to 14 birds per pan (female birds only) depending on customer request.

  • Note: *Bird density in house and environmental control systems will decide how many birds per pan.

Number of pans per 120M X 12M house:
  • 5 pans per 12-ft. tube = approx. 660 pans on 4 feeder lines.
  • 9 pans per 20-ft. tube = approx. 715 pans on 4 feeder lines.

  • The number of pans per house will be determined by bird density in house and number of birds per pan requested.
    Please request number of birds per pan required.

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CABLEVEY Pan Feeding System vs. Trough type system:

  • More Feed Space: CABLEVEY Pan Feeding System with 5 pans per 12-ft. able to feed 60 birds per 12-ft. (3.658M) section (5 pans at 16 birds per pan = 60 birds).
    Trough feeding system able to feed only 44-48 birds per 12-ft. (3.658M) section.

  • Pans receive feed at same time on system start-up. This allows all birds to eat at same time reducing competition for the feed.
    Trough system does not allow equal feed distribution at system start-up.

Advantages of CABLEVEY Pan Feeding System vs. Auger system:

  1. Fresh Feed in the pan every system run = a heavier bird on less feed.
    With our system the pan is almostempty every time the system runs. This gives you a fresh pan of feed each time the system runs. The effect from this is that you will see more birds eating each time our system runs, which means the birds eat less more times per day -- resulting in better feedutilization, which gives you a heavier bird on less feed.

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